Web Design Near Me understands how important it is for clients to create a lasting visual impact.

Our web designers are experts in creating professional websites for small business owners, brand new start-ups & sole traders.

Our team of web designers creates high quality websites for small business owners, tailored to their brand and business and potential new customers.
What's Included In Our Web Design Price
Custom design (no templates)
Bespoke website design to suit your business requirements, logo, target market and location
Up to 5 pages (with £395 package)
Most small businesses will require a  homepage, services/product page, about and contact us page
Mobile friendly (responsive) website
We will make sure your website is looking great on mobiles and tablets
Social media integration
If you already have your social media accounts set up we will integrate them to your site
Free domain and hosting for 12 months
Not much to add here... Everyone loves a freebie!
All you need to be found on Google
 Schema.org, Google Maps, Google My Business & Google Analytics
What's Not Included
Your website platform fee or hosting. This might vary between £6 - £20 per month for a business plan and there are many of website 'builders' to choose from and all of them have their pros and cons
Content writing - you can provide us with your own text that you want to include on your website or we can write content for you based on keywords research for your business- £40 per 500 words
Logo design - £20 (you must have a logo these days!) Social Media accounts set up - £10 per account (another must!)
How Does It All Work

Step 1

Research. We need to find out as much as possible about your business, customers, products, services, locations and goals. We will also research your market, keywords and competitors to be able to advise you on the best website structure for your business. We will be asking lots of questions to ensure we understand your business needs and to help you achieve your goals. Where possible, we do love to meet our clients face to face, as it helps with building trust and successful business relationship.

Step 2

Choosing your ‘website builder’. For a small business, we do recommend using an easy drag and drop type builder as it will allow you to make any future changes, like adding more text or images, yourself. You can choose from many popular website builders like Wix or SiteBuilder. The most popular platform is WordPress- although not as easy to use as website builders. You can read more here about which website builder to choose.

Step 3

Choosing your domain which, in most cases, is your business’ name (for example www.mybusiness.co.uk). There are definitely a few important things to consider when choosing your domain name, like avoiding numbers and hyphens or including keywords in your domain name. Your domain registration is free for the first year and after that cost varies between £2 – £15 per month. Of course, we will do registration of your chosen domain and web hosting for you.

Step 4

Draft design of your homepage. It is one of the most important pages on your website and it should make a statement about who you are as a company. We offer unlimited design changes to make sure you are happy with the final version. Once we have agreed on the homepage design we can then start creating other pages

Step 5

Publishing your website and testing – hooray! We will also set up your Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business accounts. All of these are free Google tools that will allow you to get important insights into how your website is performing, how many people are visiting your site and how you can improve your rankings.

Still not convinced your business needs a website? Read on!

Online presence is essential for any business as most customers expect to find you online. We live in a digital age where a website should be your number one marketing tool. 

When looking for a service or product most people will start their search on the internet where they can compare prices, products, special offers and business reviews. Therefore, a website is one of the most efficient ways of finding new customers and growing your business. 

Some might say that having social media channels, especially Facebook, is enough to sell their products or services. We definitely won’t argue with the fact that social media are important and they do help with growing your business but there are far too many limitations on what and how you can represent your brand. your site and how you can improve your rankings.

Business with a website is most likely to grow by 51%

Just in case you are still thinking about why your business needs website look at the data from The Office for National Statistics, which shows that in 2018, 90% of adults in the UK were recent internet users. Imagine how many new customers you might be missing out on by not having a website! Also, according to a website provider 123-Reg, business with a website is most likely to grow by 51%! Surely you are convinced now!